FanimeCon 2012 Cosplay Spectacular / Masquerade Winners

#17 We’re Not Twins Cosplay & Friends
Series: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Craftsmanship Division
Best of Division: Advanced Craftsmanship, Group
#15 Soul to the Calibur
Series: Soul Calibur II

Best of Division: Advanced Craftsmanship, Individual
#8 Ninja of the Night: Doll
Series: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Best of Division: Craftsmanship, Group
#W5 The Otaku Brigade
Series: Bride of The Water God

Best of Division: Craftsmanship, Individual
#W4 Meepygal
Series: Birdy the Mighty Decode

Design Award
#8 Ninja of the Night: Kayla
Series: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Judge’s Award
#22 Earnest & Young
Series: Takarazuka’s Ernest in Love

Judge’s Award
#W2 Bad Wolf cosplay
Series: Macross Frontier

Honorable Mention, Group
#W6 Desert Chik’ns
Series: Sailor Moon

Honorable Mention, Individual
#10 Angel Hearts: Sparkle Pixy

Performance Division
Best of Division: Performance, Group
#19 We Are Sparking
Series: Ranma 1/2

Best of Division: Performance, Individual
#33 Aimei
Series: Princess Tutu

Best Dramatic Skit
#16 2D Costuming
Series: Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

Best Comedic Skit
#29 Bonds of Friendship Productions
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Best Choreography
#25 Three Dollar/Candy Mountain Cosplay
Series: Rosario+Vampire

Judge’s Award
#3 Odango Cosplay
Series: Sailor Moon

Judge’s Award
#31 Unlimited Cosplay Works
Series: King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart

Honorable Mention, Group
#4 Project Victory Cosplay Theatre
Series: Record of Lodoss War

Honorable Mention, Individual
#18 American Idolmaster
Series: Idolmaster

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niconico presents: niconico Chou Party

FanimeCon is proud to screen footage from the niconico Chou Party, presented by niconico!

niconico Chou Party was a sold out live performance shown at the niconico Choukaigi at the Makuhari Messe during April 28-29, 2012. With an attendance of over 90,000 – over 3 million when including niconico douga users – this event covered several aspects of the Japanese culture. A plethora of seiyuus, musicians, artists, producers and other made appearances as guests. Some of the guests of the niconico Chou Party included: JAM Project, Idol Master with a special live performance by Eriko Nakamura, Mayako Nigo, Hiromi Hirata, Asami Shimoda, Kyaripamyupamyu, C-ute, and Vocaloid All-Star, including Miku Hatsune, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Ren, Megurine Ruka, KAITO, MEIKO, GUMi, Kamui Gacktpo, Lily, CUL, Kasane Teto, ROOT FIVE, and many more!

FanimeCon will be screening the Nico Nico Chou Party throughout the weekend in the Fansub Video Room and at MusicFest in the Civic Auditorium. Stop by an Info Desk to find out what times and and where you can interact with the niconico world!

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Power Outage at FanimeCon 2012

Yesterday evening around 6:30 PM, FanimeCon experienced a facility-wide
power outage to the San Jose Convention Center and the Hilton San Jose. The
loss of power severely impacted Registration as our network was no longer
accessible. Thousands of attendees were waiting in the Reg Line, but given
the lack of air conditioning to the building, FanimeCon tried its very best
to deal with the situation. Registration decided to process attendee paperwork
by hand so that pre-registration badges could continue being handed out
out to those waiting. Programming events unaffected by the power outage
became unbadged.

In the meanwhile, FanimeCon staff were working with the facilities and PG&E,
and determined the power loss was due to a blown transformer. An estimate
for the power to return was given – well into the night. With dusk
approaching and no lights in the facilities, a decision was made to lock
down the SJCC due to security concerns. The 2nd floor concourse was completely
cleared, the Reg line was re-positioned to the San Jose Marriott, and
programming events at the Fairmont San Jose Hotel braced for even more

Shortly after 9 PM, power was returned to the facilities. Dealers were
allowed back into the SJCC, followed by attendees. Event programming worked
hard to get up and running again. Registration, though originally scheduled
to close at 8 PM, continued to handled pre-registrations until midnight.”

FanimeCon appreciates the timely efforts by PG&E in returning power to our
facilites. We are so thankful to our staff members that immediately assisted
in the issues that arose. Most of all, FanimeCon truly appreciates and
thanks our attendees for their patience and understanding. While last
night’s power outage was an unfortunate situation, it turned into a
wonderful reminder of how FanimeCon truly is “By Fans, For Fans.”

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Thursday Programming

Curious what programming is going on tonight? Swap Meet will continue in the Fairmont, and the entire Gaming Hall will be open in Exhibits Hall 3. We are working hard to get the the Pajama Party going in Ballroom F and it will open at 10 PM.

All of them will be UNBADGED and have the AC running!

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Status update for Thursday’s Registration

The power has returned to the San Jose Convention Center (SJCC). HOORAY!!

If you are still in the Registration line, thank you for waiting through this all! With the power back, that means Registration at the SJCC is up and running, and yes, you can pick up your membership! Please note that the Reg line is now capped and thus, no more people can join the Reg line.

Registration does not have an end time set, because we will try our absolute very bestest to get through the entire line.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding! <3

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Reg Line Is Moving

We appreciate your patience while we deal with the power outage.

We are currently doing registration by hand but you still will need your electronic postcard

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Power outage

FanimeCon 2012 is currently experiencing a power outage in the SJCC and Hilton Hotel. Alongside PG&E and the facilities, we are working very hard to get things back up and running!

While the power outage has affected our Registration, yay that the Swap Meet is unaffected! And… checking out Swap Meet doesn’t require a badge. So go ahead and head over to the Swap Meet at the Fairmont Hotel!

Still waiting in the Registration line? As a gesture of our appreciation for your patience and understanding, we’re handing out water bottles to help with the heat.

Updates will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter page, and once again, thank you very much for your understanding!

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A Shout-Out from Abroad!

Artists and talent from Japan have a special message just for you!

We are pleased to announce video messages from NIGHTMARE, Megumi Nakajima, and mini – exclusively for attendees at FanimeCon! These special video messages will be played during MusicFest and other events. Collectables from these artists will also be available on pre-sale at certain autograph sessions for our Guests of Honor. Grab enough, and you could even receive an autographed item! Visit an InfoDesk at the convention to find out when and where you can see these special videos.

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Pocket Schedule available to view!

The Pocket Schedule for FanimeCon 2012 is now available for viewing. We are working SUPER hard to finish the online schedule (which will be the most accurate schedule), but until then, enjoy! ^_^

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FUNimation Presents: “Eureka Seven AO Screening and Focus Panel”!

FUNimation and FanimeCon are teaming up to present the “Eureka Seven AO Screening and Focus Panel”! FUNimation will hold a screening for episodes 1-3 of Eureka Seven AO, followed by a focus panel with FanimeCon Guest of Honor Shigeto Koyama and FUNimation Senior Brand Manager, Charlene Ingram. This special event will be held on Friday evening, May 25th, from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM in Video Main. Come and ask FUNimation about this brand new anime series, as well as participate in a door raffle for autographed prizes by Koyama-san!

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