Power Outage at FanimeCon 2012

Yesterday evening around 6:30 PM, FanimeCon experienced a facility-wide
power outage to the San Jose Convention Center and the Hilton San Jose. The
loss of power severely impacted Registration as our network was no longer
accessible. Thousands of attendees were waiting in the Reg Line, but given
the lack of air conditioning to the building, FanimeCon tried its very best
to deal with the situation. Registration decided to process attendee paperwork
by hand so that pre-registration badges could continue being handed out
out to those waiting. Programming events unaffected by the power outage
became unbadged.

In the meanwhile, FanimeCon staff were working with the facilities and PG&E,
and determined the power loss was due to a blown transformer. An estimate
for the power to return was given – well into the night. With dusk
approaching and no lights in the facilities, a decision was made to lock
down the SJCC due to security concerns. The 2nd floor concourse was completely
cleared, the Reg line was re-positioned to the San Jose Marriott, and
programming events at the Fairmont San Jose Hotel braced for even more

Shortly after 9 PM, power was returned to the facilities. Dealers were
allowed back into the SJCC, followed by attendees. Event programming worked
hard to get up and running again. Registration, though originally scheduled
to close at 8 PM, continued to handled pre-registrations until midnight.”

FanimeCon appreciates the timely efforts by PG&E in returning power to our
facilites. We are so thankful to our staff members that immediately assisted
in the issues that arose. Most of all, FanimeCon truly appreciates and
thanks our attendees for their patience and understanding. While last
night’s power outage was an unfortunate situation, it turned into a
wonderful reminder of how FanimeCon truly is “By Fans, For Fans.”

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