Downtown San Jose

FanimeCon is set against the hustle and bustle of downtown San Jose. Surrounding the Convention Center are a number of hotels, restaurants and cultural attractions. If you’re looking for a good time or an educational experience we hope these directional links help you as you try to acquaint yourself with FanimeCon and the surrounding area.

Hotel Information

There is nothing more enjoyable than being in a place you love and being able to sleep comfortably and take care of your hygiene at the same time. This is made easy at FanimeCon as there are hotels connected to and surrounding the San Jose Convention Center.

You will be able to book your hotel through our website receiving the FanimeCon rate now!.


Here at FanimeCon, we’re committed to making our convention sustainable – and also reduce the cost and hassle of traveling to our event. This year, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Ridejoy, a social ridesharing site, to help you share rides to FanimeCon. Use the link below to join our rideboard and find other friendly -goers to share the journey and trip expenses with. Just post, match and ride!


Of course it wouldn’t do to allow attendees to starve during the convention. Luckily we have you covered, as there are many eating establishments within and around the convention to keep you full and energized. From the wonderful hotel cuisine and the food offered by the Convention Center is plenty to keep you sustained, but if it doesn’t suit you every time you feel the pang of hunger, there are more choices outside. For every person and every craving there is a bit of food to satisfy. For more information about these alternatives, please use the dining guide from San Jose Convention and Cultural Affairs.

Driving Directions

Registration for FanimeCon 2011 will be located at the main Convention Center entrance in downtown San Jose. For proper driving instructions, please use the Convention Center’s address below:

San Jose McEnery Convention Center
150 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, CA 95113
(between Almaden Boulevard and Market Street)

This address can be used with website direction searches, such as:

For a comprehensive list of ways to get to the convention, please visit the Convention Center website. This list includes driving directions from different areas (including northbound and southbound directions) and will help you find your way.


Between the Convention Center, the hotels and the surrounding area, there are many places to stow your car around the downtown San Jose area. Many of these places have a fee to park or for a valet, make sure you have some extra cash handy just in case. For a list of places to park, please see San Jose’s website.

Public Transit

Concerned about the earth? Simply don’t want to drive? Then take public transit! The bus lines, light rail and trains all have stops near the Convention Center. The following links can find these routes and help you plan your trip:

  • For VTA services (including light rail and bus routes): VTA
  • For CalTrain information: CalTrain
  • For the DASH route (which runs on business days only): DASH

Trying to find the best route for the different public transit systems can be challenging, so Transit511 has a trip planner and a list of other public transportation websites.

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