Music swells in the background without lyrics, and you are the only one that can create them! If you aren’t afraid to sing, step up to the karaoke mic to sing your heart out. From open-mic to the competition, raise the music, bring energy to the crowd and you could end up getting the glory. Karaoke is a nearly non-stop part of FanimeCon, so it will be there whenever you want a place to listen to great music and the voices of other attendees making it an enchanting part of the weekend. No registration required, just show up and have fun!

Karaoke Contest

Featuring a diverse group of passionate and talented singers, the 12th Annual FanimeCon Karaoke Contest brings the spirit of friendly competition and the excitement of vocal performance to the convention stage. If you enjoy singing, come sign up for our contest, or just come and cheer on your fellow fans!

The contest consists of two rounds. In the qualifying round, our talented performers will sing their hearts out for the chance to advance to the finals. The Top Ten acts in the qualifying round qualify for the Finals. All finalists will receive cool prizes, and the winner also receives a beautifully customized microphone trophy and the opportunity to perform during the FanimeCon Masquerade!

The rules for 2012 are not up yet, but in the meantime, browse the rules from 2011 to get the general idea.

Open Mic Karaoke

Looking for a place to chill in between events? Just aching to belt out that special rendition of your favorite anime or JRock song? Fanime is proud to host Open Mic Karaoke for your singing pleasure. Except during contest times, we’re open until late into the night for the enjoyment of all attendees who would like a chance to sing for fun in front of their friends and fellow fans! Bring your own CDs, or choose from our extensive library of more than 7000 anime and JPop/JRock songs. Please check the convention schedule for exact times.

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