Speed Dating

SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED. You will receive a confirmation email if you were submitted. If you don’t receive a confirmation email with your date and time slot, you were not submitted into FanimeCon Speed Dating this year. Please try and line up at the doors!

The FanimeCon Speed Dating event is for 18+ SINGLES ONLY who are interested in meeting new people and potentially finding love! This speed dating event will be for boys meeting girls and vice versa. Anyone who is above the age of 18 is eligible. IDs WILL BE CHECKED AT THE DOOR TO VERIFY AGE. PLEASE BRING AN ID THAT INDICATES YOUR BIRTHDAY (passport, drivers license, state id, etc.). THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Event Places and Times:
All events will be held in the San Carlos Room (Hilton Side, NOT Marriott Side).
Friday (5/25): 8PM to 10PM
Saturday (5/26): 2PM to 4PM and 4PM to 6PM
Sunday (5/27): 2PM to 4PM and 4PM to 6PM

Upon successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent. Please follow the instructions on the email. And wait for another email from Speed Dating letting you know whether or not you got into the event.
Come to the event with your ID. A piece of paper to take notes on, a pencil, and a checklist with numbers on it will be provided. Each participant will have an identification number.
You will have five minutes to talk to each person. If you feel like you connected with that person, place a check mark next to their number on the checklist. You may check up to three people. If you check more than three, I will not process your sheet and you will get no matches.
At the end of the event, you will have a few minutes to finalize your ideas and checkpoints. Please RANK THE PEOPLE YOU’RE INTERESTED IN (with 1 being your top preference). Make sure to turn in the checkpoint/ranking paper in. We will then match all compatible couples accordingly.
NOTE: We will ONLY match people with a mutual interest. Please note that a match is not guaranteed. Once the event is over, we will send your matches to you ASAP VIA EMAIL. If you wish to be notified of possible matches via modality other than email, or NEED to attend on a certain day (because you won’t be at the convention on one of the days), please note it in the ADDITIONAL NOTES in your application. We will notify everyone about their potential matches during the convention so you can spend time with your potential partner, if a match is made.
IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE POST THEM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT EMAIL THE ADDRESS GIVEN ABOVE. This is to minimize repeat questions. We will check the forums daily, so expect an answer within 24 hours. You may also post suggestions that we may take into account for following years to come to ensure a fun and safe event that everyone can enjoy.

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