FanimeCon houses many unique places full of excitement and wonder.

Artist Alley
Artist Alley is a place to view and buy amazing art created by artists from around the world. Many also do commissions!

Need your video game fix? No problem, we have an arcade!

Dealer’s Hall
Dealers from near and far come to FanimeCon to sell their outstanding wares at amazing prices.

The Dojo

Fanimaid Café
An authentic Akihabara-style maid cafe atmosphere, eat delicious food, play fun games, converse with a maid and take a photo or two, but more importantly, kick back and relax with some of the best maids FanimeCon has to offer.

Stage Zero
In the vast desert that are the clogged hallways between artists, dealers and games, where does one turn for comfort, relief, and entertainment? Stage Zero of course!

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