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For information on Dojo Panels not hosted by FanimeCon Staff, check here.

Meet & Greet with The Twilight Knights:
Get to know the people behind the steel. The Bushido Department proudly presents the Twilight Knights, students of the science and the art that is martial combat. Get to know fellow weapons and combat enthusiasts at the meet and greet and ask about each of our workshops and panels so you can plan which ones to attend.

Weapons Q&A:
You like weapons and have questions? This is the place to be if you want to learn about swords, steel, and more (If you ask what a claymore is make sure you know which one you are talking about.).

Basic Self-Defense for Women:
Our only workshop geared just for ladies. Some basic self-defense knowledge is a must-have in these times and we are here to give it to you free of charge.*

Archery Panel and Demo:
You asked for it and now we bring it to you. Real archery done with stick and string and skill, no gears, no magic, no charging of mana time! Come take a look at the different type of bows, what type of gear is needed to get started and ask questions to see which type of bow and style is best for you.

Kung Fu with the Twilight Knights:
Learn the very basics of Kung Fu. Our yearly early morning warm ups*

Knife Workshop:
If you own or were thinking about purchasing a knife, this workshop is for you. Learn the different styles of knife combat! Find out why it is different than what you see in the movies and on TV and why it is very different than dagger combat!*

Sword and Shield Workshop:
You asked for it. Here it is!! One of our most asked for workshops is here! Fighting with a sword and shield is almost universal. Now come to this panel to see the types of shields, style of use and how to use them!*

Panel- How to Make Your Own Armor:
Armor and how you can make some for yourself cheap with things from your local hardware store.

Boffers Sales and Last Q&A:
Want to bring something home for practice? Consider boffers as a safe, affordable alternative to buying a bokken or katana. We will be selling off the weapons used during our workshops at low prices!!

Your last chance to see the staff before the weekend ends! Any questions you might have thought up over the course of the con can be answered here.

*Waivers are required and all participants must be at least 10 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 will require a wavier (To be found online.). Dress comfortable, and expect to sweat. Any unsafe behavior or failing to adhere to the rules will end your session.

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