Stage Zero

In the vast desert that are the clogged hallways between artists, dealers and cosplayers, where does one turn for comfort, relief, and entertainment? Stage Zero of course! Located smack dab in the middle of the main hall, Stage Zero is there for your temporary entertainment needs. Watch AMVs, musical talents, or Asian Pop videos while you plan on which panel to attend. Have a sit and watch the wackiness or participate in a game for prizes while you wait for friends to come back from the bathroom. The Stage will be your information bypass to the rest of the convention by way of their talented staff. So don’t be afraid to take a load off your feet for awhile and absorb the amazing that is Stage Zero!

Requesting Time on Stage Zero

To request time on Stage Zero, email the following information to
The deadline is March 31.
Industry requests are not being accepted at this time.

Contact Info

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Event Info

  • Event Title
  • Style of Event
    • Demonstration
    • Vocaloid Performance
    • Musical Performance “Original Tracks”
    • Musical Performance “Non-original Tracks”
    • Dance Performance

Event Details

  • Event Description – This is the text that will go on the website. Descriptions must be 300 characters or less, included white spaces.
  • Event Overview – Explain to Stage Zero Staff on what you want to do on stage & how you plan to do it.

Tech Requirements – Stage Zero will not provide equipment except for microphones.

  • Audio
    • Microphones needed (up to 4).
    • Audio Playback (Yes or No). If yes, please provide all audio on a USB Flash Drive, 15 minutes prior to your event. 320kbps Constant Bit Rate Stereo Quality .mp3.
  • Video
    • Video Playback (Yes or No). If Yes, please provide all video on a USB Flash Drive, 15 minutes prior to your event. Must be .mp4 or .mov container, with the h264 codec. High Definition preferred, either 720p or 1080p. Standard Definition will be accepted but no sizes below 720×480.
  • Scheduling Preferences* – Friday & Monday will be in 30 minute time slots. Saturday & Sunday will be in 15 minute time slots. Current Times available are as follows:
    • Friday: 4pm, 5pm
    • Saturday: 12pm (noon), 3pm, 5pm
    • Sunday: 12pm (noon)
    • Monday: 10am, 12pm (noon), 1pm

*For preferred time slots, please list your first choice and second choice.

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