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Interested in hosting a panel at FanimeCon 2012? Check out our panelist information page!
Interested in participating in a panel, but can’t host? Drop an e-mail to the panels team or visit the panels section of the Fanime Forums for on-going discussions about panels and panelists looking for participants!

If you’re interested in hosting a panel at Clockwork Alchemy 2012, go here.

Panel listings for FanimeCon 2012
For more information, check out the FanimeCon Panels Forum Discussions
To get the latest info or ask questions, check out the FanimeCon Panels Twitter

FanimeCon 2012 Panel room hours:
Friday: 1pm-2am
Saturday: 10am-2am
Sunday: 10am-2am
Monday: 10am-3pm
FanimeCon 2012 main Panel rooms will be located at the Marriot Hotel, connected to the San Jose Convention Center, Salon Rooms I – VI
Panels 1: Salons I & II – entrance at Salon II
Panels 2: Salon III
Panels 3: Salons IV, V, and IV – entrance at Salon VI

Additionally, some panels will be held in the following Venues:

  • SJCC Room C (Where Karaoke events take place at night.)
  • Hilton Hotel, connected to the SJCC, 1st floor, in the Almaden Ballroom (Otherwise known as The Dojo)
  • SJCC Room B (Which serves as Video Main most of the time.)
  • SJCC Rooms A4 and A5 (Which serve as Video 1 most of the time.)

Age Ratings on Panels:
Most FanimeCon panels are deemed appropriate for all ages. When a panel has more mature content, you’ll see one of the following designations on it:

  • 16+ Panels are not ID-checked, but may contain more swearing and/or slightly more mature content than most panels.
  • 18+ Panels contain mature content, and will require a valid photo ID with birthdate showing to enter the panel room.
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