Guest of Honor Panels

There are no Guest of Honor panels at this time. :(

Industry Panels

Panel TitleCompany
How to Break into GamingAeria Games
Aniplex of America PanelAniplex of America
Cel-Style: Anime GamesCel-Style Games
Deleter Neopiko
DMG: The Digital Manga GuildDigital Manga, Inc.
Official Gaia PanelGaia Online
GameTrailers .com:
May'n USA Tour / HoriPro TSCHoriPro Entertainment
VIZ Media panelVIZ Media
eigoMANGA 2012 PaneleigoMANGA

Fan/General Panels


Ambient Light PhotographyAsk Kuroshitsuji/Black ButlerChocolate Covered Cosplay!!
Cosplay Makeup DemoCosplayers & PhotographersCrossplay Tricks
Dyeing & Painting for CosplayHow to Pose Like a ProHowTo be an e-famous Cosplayer
Live Sewing DemoSewing Basics for CosplayWig Styling 101


Amtgard, a fantasy combat LARPHow to Make a Fight SceneIs It Real?


An Intro to Memes 2.0Anime Abandon and Q n' AAnime's Most Hated
Bleach Fan PanelCafe Verfuhren: BL Butler CafeCthulhu for President
Death By FanfictionEquestrian EmbassyFanVibe Podcast Panel
Fazio vs. AnimeGamzee's Games CafeHetalia After Hours
Hetalia All Ages PanelHistory of Lupin IIIHorrible Nerd Comedy Workshop
Kuroshitsuji Dance PanelLolita Panel & IndieBrand ShowMANIME 2: Judgement Day
Moon Prism PoptartsMy Little Pony: FiM FanpanelMystery Anime Theater
Old Anime For New FansOne Piece Fan PanelSerious Japan WTF!
The Comedy Club at FanimeThe History of LolisThe Rise &Downfall of Togepi
UMvC3 ""ASSIST ME!"" PanelWe Gotta Power! DB, Z, & more.WOWOWTF?!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanpanel


Banzai ArcadeCreate That Anime: After HoursFanimad Libs
Gaia Game ShowThe Dub ShowVanguard Princess


Bliss StageCollegiate Anime Clubs!Deep Thoughts on Con Culture
Fennel's Late Night Dreamworldirc#animeMatsumoto's Futuristic Myth
Persona for YOU!Shonen Jump Alpha Meet-UpThe Zelda Timeline Debate
Tumblrin' at FanimeWhat the Heck is Touhou?What your ships say about you
What's Wrong with Square Enix?Yoshiaki Kawajiri

How To/Demo

Abridging a SeriesAMVing: Basic to AdvancedAsian Visual Media Roleplaying
Bento 101Cosplay Photos: BasicsFanfiction 101: Story Building
Fanfiction 201: CharactersFanfiction 369: Visualizing SexFigure Collecting: PVC Panic!
Geeky Networking 101Hetalia Budget CookingHow To Make Your Ren'Py Game
How To Survive In A ZombielandHow To: Amatuer Voice ActingMaking armor with Wonderflex
Nerd CourtingPublishing an Anime ArtbookStudying Abroad in Japan
Surviving MasqueradeThe Art of KumihimoThe Philosophy of Cute


Cold War & Japanese MediaFemale Characters in AnimeGlobalization of VocaloidMusic
Magikarp: A HistoryPokemon Men: Muscle HustleRattata: Top Percentage
Scans, Trans, and Fans: PiracyThe Cult(ure) of Hatsune MikuUncool Japan: Memoirs of Otaku


Art Portfolio Do's & Don'tsHomestuck: MSPAint AdventureSports Manga: Olympics Edition
Weird Manga


Awesomely Bad J-Music VideosFanimeCon Dance Feedback PanelJpop Kpop Nation
Love of Kpop Boys and Anime

Working in the Industry

DMP: Kickstarting MangaIndie Animation: Cherry WeaponYaoi-Con 2012